How to Begin Writing a Research Paper

by J.S. Ginther © All rights reserved 2014

First you have to determine the questions that you want to answer with your research and what is the purpose of the research paper. If you are only writing a research paper for a class and a grade, you may not have to be as concerned with what topic you choose. You should follow the requirements of your professor. However, if you want to do some real research and really publish your research paper, you must begin by choosing your topic and questions very carefully. You must also ask yourself if you are going base your research on a new and original perspective of paper's that have already been published; or will you be doing or adding your own original research? Either way, the questions and research you choose to write about, must be interesting. If you are repeating research that has been done and published a million times already, you are wasting your time. If it is a common previously published topic, you must add something new or at least provide a new perspective to the research. Before you choose a topic, search the internet to see what has already been done and what has already been published. Once you have found something original that you can contribute to this topic, then you must ask yourself if you are one of very few interested in this topic or are their many medical professionals or researchers who are also interested in this topic? If no one cares about these questions; no one will read or publish your research.